Invisalign braces

Starting from the time many of us were young children, we’ve always hated that trip to the dentist. It must be those scary devices that can make us shiver. Stainless-steel materials look scary and equipped to assault within a very small space. Okay it could be I’m blowing this out of proportion. Dental health is vital though, to be cavity-free and healthy is a major step towards maintaining a person’s overall health.

Many people today may not necessarily recognize that dental troubles often lead to other health issues. A cosmetic dentist in Florida can right misaligned teeth with an ingenious new method utilizing Invisalign clear see through braces. This is a superior choice rather than the routine metal braces. These clear braces offer the wearer the option to take them on and off as necessary when eating certain foods or brushing and flossing teeth. They treat misaligned teeth by simply using a series of aligners, one set at a time.

Invisalign method

invisalign bracesUnder this method, you will need to wear between 20 to 30 clear plastic teeth aligners. Your dentist will determine how long you must wear each set and how many sessions. The aligners are called clear or imperceptible braces in light of the fact that they are unnoticeable to the point that most people would scarcely be able to tell that you’re even wearing braces.

Each aligner presses your teeth softly yet persistently,  initiating movement  of your teeth into their proper location at a progressive rate. The movement is so slight that you hardly feel anything at all while wearing them. It is almost as though you are not wearing braces at all. This is probably one of the best features of wearing invisible braces and I’m sure that your dentist will agree.

You will need to keep appointments with your dentist each month so as to switch out the old aligners with another set. The usual amount of time a persons teeth normally require to work in to their corrected positions with Invisalign braces is in the range from 10 to 15 months.


Patients have reasons to choose clear braces

Invisalign braces are undetectable, so for the most part people do not feel conscientious about having braces on when they are smiling.   On the other hand metallic braces are very noticeable. When you open your mouth, everyone present comes to know you have gone to an orthodontist to get braces. Regardless of how hard you try, metal braces make you feel self conscious every time you grin. Frequently, individuals abstain from wearing braces for the trepidation of their social life getting hampered.

This holds especially valid for young people who are ever cognizant of their looks.  For some individuals wearing braces may even influence their self confidence to a certain degree. Some teens even quit going out because of it. Despite the fact that how for many of us it would be a wise idea not to let our own vanity become too influenced in such a manner by having to wear braces, individuals for whom looks are a bigger issue, metal braces may play spoilsport. Clear see through braces are truly a must for them.

Invisalign vs. metal braces

  1. You can take Invisalign braces off when brushing, you can’t do that with metal braces.
  2. You can take Invisalign braces off when eating, You can’t when using metal braces.
  3. You can floss normally when using Invisalign braces. Simply pop them off, floss and return them to their position. Flossing with metal braces is almost an impossibility.
  4. People notice the large amount of metal in your mouth when ever you smile with metal braces. With Invisalign braces, your friends won’t even know that you are wearing them.
  5. Going to the dentist each month requires getting a new set of aligners when using Invisalign braces. But with metal braces each trip back to the dentist requires a series of potentially uncomfortable adjustments.

So bottom line is that if you need to get braces in an effort to correct poorly aligned teeth. Invisalign braces could be the clear alternative to metal braces for you! Invisalgn braces may be a little more costly in the end, but the benefits to choosing them over metal braces are profound. The best part is, you will be able to keep them on everyday, confidently knowing that no one knows you are even wearing them and at the same time gaining that perfect smile that you’ve been dreaming about.

The orthodontic dentists using Invisalign braces in Stuart Florida make this straightforward technique easy for their patients and are always helpful. They will instruct you about the pluses and minuses of using both the metal and the clear braces as well as let you know of any potential problems that may arise through the usage of either.

When you finally decide which route you want to pursue, make sure to ask good questions, do thorough research regarding the dentist and his experience, and then relax knowing that you will have a great looking smile that will last for years!